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January - 1/2 Beef DEPOSIT

January - 1/2 Beef DEPOSIT

$9.49/lb hanging weight. Final cost ranges from $2,000-$2,500. Your balance will be due upon delivery.

Stock up and save with this 1/2 beef bundle!

Lasts a family of four up to 1 year!
Around 275 pounds of beef total!
Average price per pound is $9.49!

Empower Your Food Choices and Your Health by Buying Beef In Bulk!

We understand that many people are concerned about the conventional food system and are looking for higher-quality, nutrient-dense food while working within a limited budget. 

That's why we offer one of the best ways to access farm-direct food - buying a 1/2 animal in bulk.

Buying in bulk allows you to access food that you can trust, as you will be working directly with a farmer who raises the animal according to your ethical standards. 

Plus, buying at wholesale prices means you can access premium cuts, staples, and "nose to tail" items at a price that works with your budget.

Our customers tell us that buying in bulk makes meal planning easier, as they can simply shop from their freezer and become more inventive and innovative in the kitchen as they experiment with new cuts.

How It Works:

When you order from us, you'll purchase the animal by its hanging weight, which is the weight taken immediately after slaughter, but before final trim. 

We'll provide you with a customized cut sheet to help you choose exactly how you'd like to receive your beef.

A 1/2 beef is around 275 lbs. of take-home meat which includes:



Ground beef

Stew & Cubed Meat

Bones & Organs

We will reach out to you about final dates when the time comes. 

Ready to Order?

To reserve your 1/2 beef, simply click the "Pre-Order" button on our website and pay an initial deposit of $750. 

The remaining cost will be paid upon delivery/pick up of your frozen meat. Our all-inclusive price covers the beef, all processing fees (including slaughter and packaging), and home delivery of the finished product if you're within our delivery zone.

Begin your food journey with Triple E Farm and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing where your food comes from.

Have Questions? Please contact us here info@tripleefarming.com

*You will need about 20 cubic feet of freezer space to store an 1/2 beef. 
To give you an idea, that about the average size of one extra-large chest freezer.
*All weights are approximate. Cuts vary based on the size of the animal. 
*Sausages and roast cuts vary per order.