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Quality You Can Count On

We want to provide you with the best quality meat possible.

Chemical Free ✔ Routine Antibiotic Free ✔ Rotational Grazing ✔ 100% Grass-fed Beef ✔ Non-GMO ✔


Our chickens are moved daily!

As peeps (baby chicks), they start out in the brooder where we can monitor the temperature. Once they are 3-4 weeks old, they are moved out to the pasture and placed in a portable chicken pen.

These broilers (term for meat chickens) are then moved daily to fresh grass.

This requires a lot of physical labor, but it's worth it. We don’t use a single piece of equipment, so it is a quiet and stress free move for the broilers.

Since chickens require a supplement feed, we use NON-GMO grain from Sunrise Feeds in Stuarts Draft Va. We feel this combination of high quality grain, fresh pasture, and humane treatment results in amazing flavor and texture.


Salad Bar Beef! "What’s salad bar beef?" you might ask. Let me explain.

What comes to your mind when you think of a salad bar... "healthy", "greens'', ''sprouts",''low fat", "high protein"? That’s how we raise beef! We rotate our cattle daily on a fresh paddock with diverse grasses. This allows the cows to have their choice of grass for the day.

The end result is meat that is higher in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and lower in saturated fats, which result in numerous health benefits.

There are quite a few benefits for the soil and ecosystem when using MIG ("management intensive grazing"), moving the cows across the meadows, simulating the way bison grazed the western prairies. Benefits like, evenly grazed paddocks, longer rest periods allowing the grass to recover faster, and more drought resistance.

With MIG, the cows spread their droppings evenly across the pasture, this in turn increases microbe activity in our soil. It’s a two fold blessing; first, healing the land, and second, very lean, yet tender meat that is absolutely delicious!


Forest raised pork? No, this isn’t the conventional way to raise pork, but a rewarding one nonetheless.

Hogs are God given roto-tillers, so why deny them this liberty by putting them on concrete floors in a crowded barn? Instead, we allow the hogs free range of the forest and brushy sections of the farm. There they can graze on wild berries and dig for roots.

Unlike cattle, hogs are not a rumen and need a grain supplement. For this we chose to use NON-GMO grain from Sunrise Farms in Stuarts Draft Va. As can be expected, with top quality care and feed, our pork is high quality! It is juicy and flavorful. I am sure you will not be disappointed with it.