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100% Grass-Fed Beef, Pasture Raised Pork, Chicken, & Eggs

Regenerative farming in the mountains of Romney, West Virginia

Easy & Convenient Delivery and Pickup Options in the Mountain State Area.

We’ve been farming since we were young boys.

We spent our life raising nutrient dense food for our family and now our community.

Choose us as your farmers.

We promise you:

High quality, nutrient dense food

Easy and convenient delivery

Regenerative farming practices

Personal customer support

Be part of a strong, local food system!


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Trusted by Families

Having raised our own grass-fed beef steers for nearly 20 years before retiring, we knew exactly what we were looking for in local natural grass-fed beef. The Eash family met all of our requirements. The burger is ground very lean, the steaks and roasts have little fat left as trim on the cuts, and you can customize your order to meet your own family’s needs. Their beef is naturally grown on their family farm and they invite interested customers to come and see how their animals are raised and cared for. They diligently work to follow the principles of naturally grown products as pioneered by Joel Salatin at Polyface Farm. We have confidence knowing that the beef is naturally grown on pasture and that no chemicals, carcinogens or growth hormones are used. We hope to be customers for many years to come.
– Steven and Ruth Ruth Martin
We have purchased pasture-raised poultry from the Eash family farm. For all of our purchases, the quality of the whole chicken has been excellent. The chickens are raised in pens on fresh pasture. The meat is flavorful and nutritious and contains none of the contaminants and toxins of chickens raised in large commercial confinement operations. You can easily taste the difference versus commercial chicken. Buying the chickens whole also allows for many cooking options
– Leonard Martin
Triple E Farm supplied our farm store with pork chops and sausage this year. We couldn’t keep it in stock! Customers loved it! The pork chops were juicy and delicious, and the sausage was the Best for biscuits and gravy!! Tony and Phil do a great job!
Barb DeSanctis | The Market at Silver Lake Farms
I’m so grateful for Triple E Farm and the high quality meat options they provide. It’s reassuring to know that when I use meat from Triple E that I am cooking healthy & nourishing meat/broths for my family. We have had roasts, hamburger, bacon,sausage, whole chickens from them and love everything!
Twila Hochstetler

We fell in love with farming a long time ago! 

We’ve spent a large percentage of our lives farming in West Virginia, moving into the area onto a small farm when we were young boys. We fell in love with the lifestyle and dedicated our adulthood to raising nutrient dense food for our family and friends.