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Farm Fusion Ground

Farm Fusion Ground

Grass-Fed Beef & Woodland Pork Blend | 1 lb

Triple E Farm's Farm Fusion Ground is a unique blend of 1/3 woodland raised ground pork and 2/3 100% grass-fed ground beef. The pork is added to the blend for extra flavor and moisture.

This farm-fresh ground meat combines the best of both worlds - 

The rich umami taste of woodland raised pork and the lean, grassy deliciousness of grass-fed beef. It's the perfect middle-ground between traditional ground beef and sausage.

Triple E Farm's Farm Fusion Ground is ideal for burgers, meatballs, meatloaf, tacos, chili, and more. The added moisture from the pork keeps it tender when cooking. The blend of flavors takes your recipes to the next level.

With responsible farming practices and humane care, Triple E Farm's delivers a premium ground meat packed with old world flavor. The Farm Fusion Ground is crafted in small batches and frozen while fresh.

*1 lb packs vacuum sealed and frozen