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What's the Beef with "All-Natural?"

written by

Sara English

posted on

November 4, 2023


"Natural" - sounds wholesome, right? Like frolicking cows and rolling green pastures. But in the world of meat labeling, it's as clear as mud…not clear at all! Most of us see "all-natural" and think, "Ah, this cow must've had a good life, munching on grass and hanging out in the sun". Not quite.

"All-natural" is the food industry’s equivalent of "one size fits all" - vague, unhelpful, and more than a little misleading. 

The Not-So-Sweet Truth About "All-Natural"

Here's the kicker: "all-natural" meat can come from any old cow, whether it was raised on lush pastures or cooped up in a barn. A cow could spend its life eating GMO feed, never see the light of day, and its meat could still be labeled "all-natural". It's like calling a chocolate chip cookie a vegetable because it has a few oats in it.

"All-Natural": The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Buying "all-natural" meat might make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, but it's potentially supporting farming practices that do more harm than good. 

And here's the worst part: "all-natural" is eroding consumer trust faster than a cheap umbrella in a rainstorm. It's both accurate and deliberately deceptive. We are committed to being your trusted farmer, so we've taken the initiative to decode the 'natural' label for you with this easy to read chart.


Back to Our Roots: Eating as Nature Intended

But let's not dwell on the negatives. Let's get back to the good stuff - the way our grandparents used to farm, and the way nature intended us to eat. Animals raised on regenerative farms are part of a beautiful cycle that enhances soil health and provides us with more nutritious meat. 

These days, the only way to know your food is to know your farmer!

Forget all the labels that might as well be in an alien language. Instead, get to know  your local farmer! They’re the real MVPs who can give you the inside scoop on how your food is grown. When we invest in local regenerative farms, we’re not just investing in our own health. We are  also supporting your local community and doing a solid for our good old Earth.

Triple E Farm: Your Trusted Farmer

We're all about transparency. No smoke and mirrors, no pulling the wool over your eyes, and no misleading labels. Just honest, wholesome food. Because at Triple E Farm, we're not just farmers, we're your trusted food source.  Now let’s get back to eating the way nature intended!

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