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Author: Sara English

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Coming Soon: Raw Dairy Pet Food!

Get ready to wag those tails and purr with delight because we're introducing something truly special - 100% Grass-Fed Raw Dairy Pet Food! What makes our raw dairy pet food stand out?...

Coming Soon - Low PUFA Pork, Corn, and Soy Free!

At Triple E Farm, we're thrilled to announce an upcoming addition to our product lineup: Low PUFA Pork that's both corn and soy-free! You might be wondering, what's all the fuss about? Well, let us fill you in on why we've made this switch and why it matters for you. Why the Switch to Corn and Soy-Free?...

Raw Local Cheese From Peace Hollow Farm Market!

Introducing our new collection of 100% Grass-Fed Raw Cheeses! Handcrafted with care by our local producer, Peace Hollow Farm Market, each cheese in our collection reflects the essence of our region's rich agricultural heritage and dedication to quality craftsmanship...

Corn and Soy-Free Eggs: A Healthier Choice for You and Our Chickens!

Have you ever considered what goes into the eggs you enjoy every morning? At Triple E Farm, we're passionate about providing our customers with the highest quality, most nutritious eggs possible. That's why we've chosen to raise our hens on a diet free from corn and soy—and we're here to share why this choice matters for both your health and the well-being of our feathered friends.

We're Now EOV Certified!

Hey there Triple E Farm fam! We've got some exciting news to share with you. After embarking on a journey towards ecological sustainability and regenerative farming practices, we are thrilled to announce that Triple E Farm is now officially EOV certified!

Cooking with Kids: Fun and Nourishing Recipes Using Farm Fresh Ingredients

There's something magical about cooking with your kids. Not only does it teach them essential life skills, but it also provides a great opportunity for bonding. In this blog post, we'll share some fun and easy recipes that you can prepare with your little ones using farm-fresh ingredients from Triple E Farm. Our recipes are inspired by traditional cooking, Weston A. Price principles and approach to nutrition and health...

This May Ruffle Some Feathers...Small Farms CAN Feed the World!

In the face of sprawling industrial agricultural giants, it may seem controversial to assert that small farms not only have the capacity to feed the world but have been doing so for centuries. Yet, when you take a dive into the history of agriculture and examine current data, it becomes evident that small farms are a cornerstone of global food security...

The New Old Fashioned Shopping List

Feeling a bit lost while doing the food shopping? Need some help picking out healthy stuff for the fam? Check out our "New Old Fashioned Shopping List." It's all about the good old fashioned stuff, and animal-based, of course! 🛒🥩