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Making Healthy Choices Affordable: Embracing an Animal-Based Diet on a Budget at Triple E Farm

written by

Sara English

posted on

December 16, 2023


As we become more conscious of our health and the environment, many of us are choosing to embrace an animal-based diet. However, one common concern is the perceived high cost associated with it. At Triple E Farm, we believe that everyone should have access to nutritious and sustainable food choices, regardless of their budget. That's why we're delving into affordable ways to enjoy an animal-based diet using produce from our farm

Economical Cuts: Your Wallet's Best Friend

When shopping for meat, most people often gravitate towards popular cuts like steaks and chicken breasts. However, these can be quite pricey. 

Instead, consider economical cuts such as chuck roast, pork shoulder, or chicken thighs. These cuts are not only more affordable but also incredibly flavorful. They may require a bit more time and care to cook, but the result is a mouthwatering meal that is gentle on your pocket.

Subscribe & Save: The More You Buy, The More You Save

To help you save even more, we offer a subscription service at Triple E Farm. By subscribing, you can receive a regular delivery of our fresh, high-quality meat right to your doorstep. Not only does this save you time and energy, but it also comes with saving 5% on every order! The more you buy, the more you save! Plus, you can rest assured knowing you always have healthy protein options on hand.

Learn More about Subscribe & Save here!

Bulk Buying: Maximizing Your Meat Purchase

Another way to make the most of your budget is through bulk buying. Purchasing meat in large quantities can significantly reduce the cost per serving. It's a practical choice for large families or those who enjoy meal prepping. At Triple E Farm, we offer various bulk buying options that cater to different needs and budgets. 

Learn more about buying in bulk here!

Healthy, Affordable Choices with Triple E Farm

At Triple E Farm, we're committed to making healthy choices affordable and offer new products on sale every month. We understand that navigating the journey towards a healthier lifestyle can be challenging, especially when working with a tight budget. That's why we strive to provide economical solutions without compromising on quality or sustainability.

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Embracing an animal-based diet doesn't have to break the bank. By making smart choices with economical cuts, taking advantage of our subscription savings, and reaping the benefits of bulk meat buying, you can enjoy nutritious and sustainable meals that are kind to your wallet. So, come join us at Triple E Farm - let's make healthy eating accessible for all!

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