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Introducing Windy Ridge Farm, our trusted vendor for high-quality poultry at Triple E Farm! Upholding our same farming practices and standards, Windy Ridge Farm stands out as a small family farm located just 45 miles away from us. With a strong commitment to regenerative agriculture, they have collaborated with us to help us both grow together.

Spanning across 40 acres of lush pasture, the poultry enjoy a life of movement and freedom. Housed in mobile coops that are moved weekly, they roam on fresh pastures, allowing them to graze on nutrient-rich grass and insects. This sustainable approach not only ensures the health and well-being of the birds but also contributes to the overall regenerative nature of the farm.

With Windy Ridge Farm as our poultry source, you can be confident that you are supporting a local, family-run operation that prioritizes ethical and sustainable farming practices. Enjoy the exceptional taste and quality of pasture raised poultry knowing that they were raised with care and respect.

Windy Ridge Farm