Bone-in Chuck Roast

Bone-in Chuck Roast


Marinated, tenderized, and cooked low and slow. Preparation is the key for a perfectly delicious, melt in your mouth, 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef chuck roast!

Chuck roasts are cut from the chuck primal cut of a beef. This cut comes from the forequarters of the cow and these muscles get a lot of exercise. This means that cuts of meat from this section can tend to be on the tougher side.

However a chuck roast does not deserve it's "tough" wrap. With just a bit of extra work and the right cooking method chuck roast can make a beautiful and tender meal!

We like to keep any left-over meat from a slow-cooked roast to eat on sandwiches at another meal.

Lunch Idea: Pair the heated left-over roast with a sourdough bun, BBQ sauce, and a slice of your favorite cheese for a sandwich that will leave your tastebuds begging for more!   

Our Chuck roasts vary from 3lb - 5lbs. 1 pound serves 2 - 3