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Want Raw Milk?
Live in West Virginia?
Join Our Herdshare!

Get raw milk delivered as often as every week.

Here's how to get raw milk with our herdshare

Sign Up & Pay the $80 Membership Fee

E-sign our herdshare contract and pay the one-time $80 fee. This gives you exclusive access to our raw milk (for humans) as often as every week.

Get Raw Milk... and Other Wholesome Foods, Too!

After you sign up, you'll get private access to purchase our raw milk (for humans) online for delivery to your door or a a pickup location near you.

You'll be able to add other yummy things to your order like our raw cheeses, pastured meats, and more. You can subscribe & save so you never forget to order milk, too!

Nourish Your Body & Your Farm Connection

Always stay stocked with raw milk and the other nourishing foods you need from Triple E Farms. Your body will thank you. We look forward to seeing you!

Common Questions

What's a herdshare?

A herdshare is an agreement between a farmer and an individual. You pay a one-time membership fee to buy a share in our herd, making you a co-owner in our herd and entitled to the benefits of owning a dairy cow... and that includes drinking her wholesome raw milk!

With a herdshare we are not simply selling milk, we are being paid to take care of other peoples’ animals. What we do is not unlike boarding horses. Many people enjoy owning and riding horses, but not everyone has the appropriate facilities or time it takes to care for their horses everyday. That’s where we step in.

What does the one-time $80 fee pay for?

$60 is for the share of the cow that Triple E Farms will care for and milk for you. And $20 is for the containers to store the milk.

Do I need to get a certain amount of raw milk every week?

We don't want wasted milk. So, we let you skip milk pickups. As a herdshare member, you'll be able to manage your orders on our site.

Can I order other things with my raw milk?

Yes, absolutely! You can add any of our pastured meats, eggs, raw cheese, and more to your order for when you get your raw milk.

Can I set up a standing weekly order?

Yes! We offer Subscribe & Save so you can set up a standing order and never forget to get your raw milk. It's fully customizable. You can change each order, skip deliveries, and cancel at any time. Learn more here.

Can I cancel my herdshare membership?

Yes, you can cancel at any time. You can contact us or change your orders on our site yourself.