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You can have your brown eggs for Easter, and color them too!

March 30, 2023

You CAN color brown farm fresh eggs for Easter! That's right, you don't have to go to the store for conventionally produced white eggs to be able to enjoy the fun of coloring Easter eggs - you can use your local farm's brown eggs!

It's Easter time again, and one of the most popular activities is coloring eggs. We all remember dyeing those boring white ones from the store as children, they never seemed quite as special as those warm brown ones from our local farm. 

Well did you know you can use brown farm eggs to color too? Yes, it is possible! Here we will discuss how to do it with natural dyes and a fun and easy alternative that requires items found in any home!

One way is to dye them with natural Easter egg dyes for beautiful nature inspired Easter eggs with subtle colors. There are many recipes online or pre-made natural dyes available for purchase if desired. 

However, this can be time consuming and require additional ingredients such as food coloring, spices, vegetables and more depending on what look you're going for.

Instead…we found a family friendly alternative that only requires items found in any home: brown eggs and crayons! 


Simply boil the eggs, then dry them, and while still warm color on the eggs with crayon. The crayon wax will melt to the egg and create beautiful, non-toxic Easter Eggs.


*Note: Please be careful while handling hot eggs especially with little ones - it may be helpful to set eggs on the carton or cut rounds from a cardboard toilet paper tube for added support during the Easter egg coloring session.

Let your creativity run wild - try abstract designs, write funny messages, or even do a detailed spring inspired drawing!


So why not give melted crayon (farm fresh) Easter Eggs a try this year? Not only will they look great, but you can feel good knowing that the brown eggs come from your trusted farmer and are totally safe to eat afterward. A fun activity that everyone can enjoy!

Happy Easter From The Triple E Farm Family!

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